O’Keefe & Merritt Vintage Stove

We never pre-sell, I don’t know why that is (maybe to keep everyone happy) but we don’t do it. For the first time ever we’ll be pre-selling a pretty bitchin’ O’Keefe & Merritt stove. So if you’ve been on the lookout and are ready to throw down for the stove of your dreams contact stacy@succorestatesales.com to schedule your appointment on either April 22nd or 23rd between 7am – 2pm. We’ll be accepting offers but our starting price is $2,500. The highest approved bid will take it home – this seemed like the only fair way to let everyone interested in the stove see it. We will not be sharing others offers to get the bid up so please do not ask.

Now… eye candy. Here are some of my favorite interiors featuring O’Keefe & Merritt stoves.

Photos from RetroRenovation.com, Houzz.com, DesignSponge.com, ThisOldHouse.com, House-Revival.blogspot.com
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A Few of My Fav’s South of the Boulevard

This weekend Nanette is going to be running the show south of the boulevard in Sherman Oaks. I was by there Tuesday to snap some shots and found a few items that peaked my interest. Maybe you’ll like them too, but if by chance we don’t like the same things trust me when I say if you like vintage there’s a lot to be found!

Here are some photos of my favorite items at our south of the boulevard Sherman Oaks estate sale.

Find more information and photos on the listing page.

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Giving Thanks.


Thanksgiving is possibly my favorite holiday. The weather in LA is unpredictable but lately (last few years) hot. The beaches are without many tourists but with Angeleno’s taking advantage of the good weather there can still be weekend traffic in Malibu (best beaches, yea!!). But there’s way more sand this time of year, the sunsets are tremendous, the hiking payoff is stunning views without smog (sometimes… this is LA), and those winds make the valley gorgeous as well! Plus, everyone on the East Coast is freezing and we’re still chillin’ in sandals and going to estate sales. Oops! This just turned into a post about how much I love LA. 

Back to Thanksgiving. I’ve been so busy all year long that I worry a bit I haven’t been as grateful to everyone who makes my life a happier one to live and having the season turn to a time of year that is about giving helps me slow down and think about how nice it is when we all share – a smile, fruit from our own gardens, kind words. Unlike it’s glamorous cousin, Christmas, Thanksgiving is about sharing not receiving. It might have it’s past but I like to take it for what is; a time to be aware.

I want to take this time to thank everyone who attends our estate sales, everyone who thinks of us when they have a friend or client in need of an estate sale, anyone reading this blog. Thank you for your support. We value your patronage. We value your feedback too – please, if you have ideas about how our service can improve your experience don’t hesitate to share it with me. I love hearing from you guys! 

Happy Thanksgiving! 

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Holiday Baked Brie

In 2006 my now husband invited me to meet his friends at their annual T-2 holiday party (think Thanksgiving potluck with leftovers). I needed an easy holiday cheese recipe that could be pre made and finished on site, lucky for me my then colleague had this (apparently Paula Deen) recipe in her back pocket. Ever since then it’s been my go-to and most often requested holiday dish.


My Take on Paula Deen’s Baked Brie

1 wheel of brie
1/4 cup brown sugar
1 tablespoon brandy (butter / oil works in its place)
1/4 cup nuts of choice (I use walnuts)
fruit & crackers for serving

Combine brown sugar, brandy, and nuts in a bowl and mix – cover and chill. I usually skip the cover and chill part of this step simply because of time, it always turns out well. Pre-heat oven to 500 degrees. I like to cut the top off the brie leaving a small boarder of the outer portion, heat for 5 minutes. Take out of the oven, pack on the sugar/nut mix, and stick it back inside for another 5 minutes. Just pay attention, you want to make sure the brie is soft and oozy but that the nuts and sugar are not burnt. 

Serve alongside fruit and crackers. 

Trust me… you’re welcome! 

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DIY Thanksgiving Decor

I love this DIY for Thanksgiving! It incorporates fall leaves, it’s inexpensive, and adds a bit of natural glam… gold is definitely my color preference but you can choose any which color you like. And it is so easy. So get yourself to Home Depot, grab a bottle of spray paint and get to work. I think this one explains itself – no instructions necessary. 




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