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What happens when people with a love for quality, designer, vintage move or redesign their home? They call us, the people who host estate sales, estate sale companies, and we love to oblige. It’s not often that we host sales that are not complete estates but the stuff was too good and the owner who I met when I visited this Brentwood home a few weeks ago has way to much style for me not to sell her stuff. I just wanted to help because I know some of my followers are going to be super excited by some of the finds. So this weekend we’re hosting a smally but goody estate sale. 

Think Modernica case study desk, Like-a-Bike, Little Marc Jacobs, and Prada for the ladies, Rosenthal for Illy espresso cups,  and OMG those gorgeous J. Baekmark dining chairs!!!

We’re also bringing a whole slew of vintage lithographs and serigraphs from a different client – stuff you’ve never seen before, I promise! Vintage 60′s spin art too. 

See this estate sale listing page for more information. 

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