Patience is a Virtue, So They Say.

It all seemed pretty mundane when I picked up a box of personal memorabilia from my grandparents last weekend, but as it turns out we’ve had quite a week discovering the inner pages of my baby book. I only slightly peeped inside and there it was, pink and blue, “Baby’s Milestones; Birth to Seven Years”. I’ve discovered 1st and 2nd year birthday cards, several years of fearing Christmas on good ‘ole Saint Nicks lap, progress reports from Pre-K, notes my sweet momma left for me some 36 years ago (my birthday was October 8th by-the-way!), and the list goes on. Memories. I have to thank my Mom for keeping this going as long as she did, it’s pretty cool to know that I learned to tie my shoe laces from a Nun showing me one time when I was only 2 1/2 years old. A sign of brilliance, so they say – I’m proud. 


You might be wondering what all this has to do with patience; the answer is nothing. But in that baby book my husband (naturally) found a photo of me probably only four years old looking annoyed beyond be belief, and my mother mentioned in a progress report that she wasn’t sure if I had hearing problems or if I was ignoring her (I think I have hearing problems). It’s hilarious because it goes to show (to me anyway) that my belief regarding all behaviors being learned is wrong, some behaviors really are innate. 


Some people are lucky, they walk around with an ounce of zen and are able to maintain a cheerful state with ease. Others get irritated at the slightest disruption to their plan, and it usually has to do with saving an extra five minutes: a slow car, a long line, the new cashier, and on and on and on. Personally, I teeter the line and lean a little toward the annoyed side; the picture of me four years old sitting on a boat and smirking at the camera says it all. 


It’s with this story that I tell you we are transitioning to a new check out system and we ask for your patience as everyone learns the ins and outs. If the line is long we’ll jump back to the old system to get you out of the house ASAP. But if your second or third in line and it’s taking a wee bit longer than you like, please have a little patience, we promise that eventually this system will move things along at a much faster pace. Also prepare to give us your name and email address (yes, again), and phone number if you’d like text message alerts, we’re going digital with receipts (save a tree!).

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Online Only Pacific Palisades Fire Sale

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Pick-up Location: Pacific Palisades area near the Getty Villa, technically Malibu.

Pick-up Time: Sunday 9/20 from 10am – 1pm.


Whether traditional or well-traveled, our Palisades firesale has one common thread: cultured refinement.

Art lovers can pick up a Picasso print or pottery; foodies can up their cultural cache with international cookbooks. Jetsetting junkies can pick up the exotic souvenirs they forgot to get on their travels in an embroidered tapestry, paper mache masks, and more. This Palisades sale has something for everyone–at every price point!

Starting now, peruse these pretty goods and pick up something new and drastically under wholesale prices. Click here to sign up for the email list and gain access now. 

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Online Only Pasadena Fire-Sale

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Pick-up Location: Pasadena (Item’s not including furniture may be able to be picked up in the Palisades on Sunday 9/20)

Pick-up Time: Saturday 9/19 from 10am – 1pm.

Huge Discounts off Already Low Estate Sale Prices!!

Quirky and kitsch, our Pasadena fire sale is overflowing with one-a-kind pieces full of gently used personal stories, historical interest, and even rare Mid-century modern furniture and rustic Americana for prices that would rival the century they came from.

Need to deck out a hip new pad with stylish pieces that would be priced higher at a vintage store? There’s a lovely Karl Andersson by Borge Mogensen dining set, a spacious Mid-century modern credenza, a teak Mid-century modern trash bin that would sell for $850 in mint condition (click the link to see our insanely low price!) and a complete Asian-inspired Mid-century modern dresser, mirror, and nightstand set.

Warm up all those teaks and walnuts with a trio of sturdy vintage Navajo rugs in the lushest mustards, saffrons, and creams; perfect for an Indian summer and the rustling days of Southern California autumns.

If vintage costuming is your trade (or obsession), there’s also huge lots of antique clothing including bejeweled and hand-beaded vintage purses, authentic World War II uniform pieces, an old San Gabriel Valley Boy Scouts uniform, a delicate lace wedding blouse boasting a ‘30s style silhouette and a giant lot of vintage baby clothes and hand-crocheted items.

Don’t miss out on this sale that has a little bit for everyone—or exactly everything for someone who wants to decorate one dynamic space on a dime.

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Succor Online Store

Succor Estate Sales is delighted to announce the launch of our online store—exclusively for members of our email list! Starting today, we’ll be giving our esteemed email list members first dibs on carefully curated picks from our up-and-coming sales, fire sale items from past estates, and online only estate sales.

Yes, instead of driving far and lining up, we’ve made it our autumn mission to start bringing the estate sales directly to you. The leaves might not change much in Southern California, but estate sales do and we’re making the purchase process as simple (and elegant) as possible for you.

Here’s how it works:

· All items will be live online for only 3-5 days, so make sure you watch out for the e-blast that will give you exclusive access to these coveted items.

· Pay with your credit card at our online check out and pick up items from the estate any time during estate sale hours with the exception of Friday mornings. Alternate times may be specified in the e-mail blast or the online store.

Sleep in, work early, and let us find some of the most interesting pieces at each sale for you. All you have to do is keep your eyes open for our online pre-sale blast!

Sign up for our email list today. 

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1966 VW Buggy For Sale

Asking: $12,995

1966 one-of-a-kind buggy tricked out, street legal with custom paint w/ ghost flames, alarm, new clutch, new tires & rims, duel car, bucket seats and seats in rear, LED lights, custom suspension, roll bar, seat belt harnesses, cover, auto fuel pump, air cooled oil, engine 1835 vw/ bullet proof. Turn signal needs repair, 105,000+ miles, current owner had it for 8 years and put a whole lot of love into it.

This buggy features over $20,000 in upgrades!!

Interested in the Buggy? Email to find out if it’s still available or come to our estate sale July 24-26, 2015. For estate sale details click here.

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